Wargaming. The gnashing of teeth, hair pulling and frustrated screams. And thats just painting the figures. A Brush too Far started out as a club based service in Deeside doing various painting projects for club members. The sale of some of my own painted items on Ebay to buyers from all across the world led to a number of emails asking for certain units and figures and so this website was born.

Based in the Staffordshire Moorlands near Leek we buy figures to order and send them out painted and based to match particular rules sets. We are always looking to expand on the range we offer and will always welcome any suggestions as to what figures you would like to see on the website.


Contact Information:   20 Leonard Drive

                                  Brown Edge

                                  Stoke on Trent


                                  ST6 8RZ


Tel:                            01782 504907


Emai: brushtoofar@aol.com



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