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Miniature painting service. We paint and base Figures for table top war gaming. All eras and scales. Send your miniatures to us or let us buy them for you straight from the manufacturer at a reduced cost of 10% on the unpainted figures. 

Based in UK but will post figures worldwide. 10% charge for postage outside of UK and Europe upto a maximum of £70.

We will do any commission work . The table below gives a cost per figure for painting and varnishing .

                                                              6mm                10mm            15mm             20mm/1.72scale          25/28mm

Infantry/Gunners           £0.45      £0.68     £1.12         £1.80             £2.25

Cavalry                          £0.73     £1.12      £1.80        £2.70             £3.38

Guns/Limbers                £0.34     £0.50      £1.12        £2.25             £3.38

Unmounted horse          £0.28     £0.45      £0.68        £0.90             £1.12

Tanks/Trucks                £1.12     £1.68      £2.25        £5.05             £6.75


Too have figures Based add 5% to cost.


Contact us at brushtoofar@aol.com 

 or Telephone 01782 504907

 To see  more example of our work check out our blog at http://abrushtoofar.blogspot.co.uk/

Thanks for your continued business and support



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